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The Felsentor Community

Our community is a mostly cheerful group of 8-12 people with a mix of German and Swiss German. We practice Zazen in the mornings and evenings – the upright and unintentional sitting in silence keeps the Felsentor going during the day and its guests in good humour.

Our interactions with each other are mindful, open to diversity,  allowing for each other`s shortcomings.

We live at Felsentor or in its vicinity and receive a basic income, that covers our needs. We have all chosen this life style – for shorter or longer periods of time and although it is strenuous from a work  perspective it really offers each one of us many more possibilities than one would usually encounter in a normal professional work environment. This variety motivates and inspires us over and over again.

A good sense of humour, idealism and devotion support this way of life. A sense of community and community spirit in addition to a stable personality are crucial in order to enjoy life together in the house and run this center together.

We are searching for our individual pathways and try to connect Zen community, spirituality, every day work, ecological conduct and animal protection.  With Sister Theresia we also have a representative of the Christian monastic and order tradition living with us. However, she is also a Zen teacher in the tradition of Kobun Chino Roshi and Vanja Palmers, the founder of Felsentor.

Margot is also an ordained Zen Priest and takes care of our volunteers.

If you are interested in a shorter or longer visit or stay at Felsentor please contact Margot via e-mail ......