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Felsentor is a center for spiritual practice. Spirituality is manifested in our everyday actions and in the way we interact with creation: the earth, the water, the air, the plants and animals, our fellow human beings and material objects, in short, everything entrusted to us!



Sister Theresia, director of our animal welfare post

     illustrated by Michael Ruppel (

When she decided to enter the convent, Sister Theresia chose the Franciscan Order so as to live according to the ideas of St. Francis of Assisi and be closer to animals. To start with, however, she worked in her convent in Austria for several years with so-called  “marginalized youth” on the outskirts of society, caring for drug addicts at night. Since she has been living at Felsentor she is working with other “marginalized” members of society, normally known as farm animals! Sister Theresia has training as a teacher of animal welfare and guides visitors through the animal welfare post of Stiftung Felsentor on application. If you wish to make an appointment, you can reach her either at schwestertheresia(at) or directly at her cell phone number: 0797808591.


Animal stories

A small book with texts by Sister Theresia and illustrations by Damian Shepherd tells the story of how each of the animals in Felsentor came to live here. The book can be obtained directly from the animal welfare post for a donation.