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Once a month the Felsentor community/Sangha meets for a One-Day Sitting called Zazenkai.
You are very welcome to join us.

2018 Zazenkai will take place on the following dates:
Monday February 5th, Monday March 19th, Monday May 14th, Monday June 25th, Sunday July 22nd, Monday August 27th, Monday September 17th, Monday November 5th and Monday December 17th.

Zazenkai starts at 10.00 am and ends at approx. 6.00 pm.
We will sit approx. 6 periods of Zazen.

We have lunch together in the Dining Room and in the afternoon tea will be served formally followed by a Dharma Talk and walking meditation (Kinhin) outdoors. During Zazenkai we will be in complete silence.
Please enroll early (minimum 24 hrs in advance) via e-mail.

Donations for the day are highly appreciated.
Suggested donation CHF 50.-

Daily Schedule

10.00 am     Zazenkai begins
10.30 am     Walking Meditation
10.40 am     Zazen
11.10 am     Walking Meditation
11.20 am     Zazen
11.50 am     Service
12/Noon       Lunch in the Dining Room, followed by Samu and a break

2.00 pm       Zazen
2.25 pm       Walking Meditation
2.35 pm       Zazen
3.05 pm       Tea in the Zendo
3.20 pm       Walkung Meditation
3.30 pm       Dharma Talk
4.00 pm       Walking Meditation
4.10 pm       Zazen
4.35 pm       Wellbeing-Ceremony and Refuges
4.50 pm       Zazenkai ends