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Felsentor Freundeskreis

(Felsentor Circle of friends)

The foundation Felsentor was established in 1999 as a place for contemplation and encounter. As a spiritual center and in agreement with our mission statement we strive towards a harmonious relationship between humans, animals and the whole ecosystem in our teachings and practice.

The forms of our daily practice are rooted in Zen Buddhism but we are open for all paths that are committed to and advocate the welfare of all beings and the whole world. In this spirit our program offers a wide range of disciplines by various teachers.

We see ourselves as a community whose members live all around the world but who spend  more or less time at Felsentor as participants of workshops/retreats or as volunteers.

The Freundeskreis is a great opportunity to demonstrate your affiliation and bond with Felsentor and to support Felsentor conceptionally and financially by an annual contribution. Once a year we invite you to our Freundeskreis Meeting that provides a chance to get to know each other more closely, to be with and enjoy each other.

We are accredited as a charitable/non-profit foundation and any donations are tax deductable.

Please sign up by sending in the application coupon or by e-mail.

We are grateful for any kind of support. May all beings be happy.

Vanja Palmers

printable version of the Freundeskreis flyer

Donation fund

The realisation of the Zendo needed a bank loan of 1 Million Francs. Gradually, we have to pay back this mountain of dept which is only possible thanks to donations. At the moment the remaining dept is about 600.000 CHF.

We thank you very much and are grateful for any contribution – any amount will help us, even a very small one.

Stiftung Felsentor, CH-6354 Vitznau
account number:  60-520093-5
IBAN: CH41 0900 0000 6052 0093 5

HypoVereinsbank, D-München
in favour of: Stiftung Felsentor
Account number: 667 533 678
BLZ 70020270
IBAN: DE86 7002 0270 0667 5336 78