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Meditation Open to the Public Every Sunday Evening

All guests and visitors on the Rigi and people from the area who are interested in meditation are welcome. No prior experience is necessary. The meditation begins during summer season at 6 pm (in winter at 5 pm) with a short introduction led either by Sister Theresia or Vanja Palmers, or a guest in some cases. The ensuing silent mediation period lasts 30 minutes and ends with a short recitation of the refuges in Pali.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes for sitting. After meditation you can travel with the RigiBahn to Vitznau or Rigi Kaltbad, as the meditation time is coordinated with train times.

The meditation hall/zendo can be entered 10 minutes before the beginning of meditation. Everbody arriving earlier first gathers in the garden inn or the pavilion of the garden inn, depending on the season and weather conditions.

The public meditation is free of charge, however, donations are greatly appreciated. It is also not necessary to enroll beforehand. (But please be on time!)

Sunday-meditation at 5 PM

coordinated with train times of the RigiBahn:

Departure from Vitznau at 5:15 PM, return train at 6:39 PM

Departure from Kaltbad at 5:15 PM, return train at 7:26 PM

You are welcome to join us for hot tea or punch in our garden inn in the time between the end of meditation until you leave to catch your train.

We often have queries regarding donations so we would like to refer to our Felsentor "Freundeskreis" (Circle of friends).