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General Information

Felsentor offers accommodation for the participants of its retreats and workshops. During bigger courses there are twin rooms or dorm beds available. However, upon registration you can request to be put on our waiting list for the few available single rooms (if space permits).

For smaller classes you can book your single room directly when applying.

If all single rooms have already been taken you will automatically be added to the waiting list.

Showers and restrooms/toilets are on every floor in the main building. The dorm which is in the Zendo building only offers lavatories and restrooms/toilets but the showers in the main building can be used at any time.

There is neither a radio nor a TV set in any of our rooms. Felsentor offers silence, retreat, meditation.

Check-in time is always at 3 pm on the first day of each course. Arriving a day before the course and departing a day after the official end of the workshop is not possible.

Although we love animals Felsentor is not suitable for you to bring your pets.

Individual Retreats
Of late we have started to offer the possibility for individual retreats if our courses have not been fully booked and if space permits. You will meditate with the community in the mornings and evenings, participate in Samu/Karma Yoga for one hour daily together with our other guests and will have your meals together with us.

For more information please contact us by email at felsentor(at)




There are two dorm rooms in the Zendo/Meditation building that accommodate five people each.

Prices per person/day including full board (3 meals) CHF 90.-/95.-
plus tourist tax CHF 2.70

Twin rooms

There are 12 twin rooms in the main building that can be booked as single rooms if a course is smaller, thus space permits.

Prices per person/day (double occupancy) including full board CHF 115.-/120.-
plus tourist tax CHF 2.70

Single Room

Depending on the size of our courses we can offer some rooms as single occupancy rooms. Please request to be added to the waiting list when enrolling for a workshop.

Prices per day including full board CHF 145.-/150.-
plus tourist tax CHF 2.70